Celebrate creatively!

We're a mobile paint party that provides everything you need: paint, brushes, canvas, easel, even an apron! You just bring your friends and have a few drinks to keep the spirits high and inhibitions low and we'll make sure your inner Van Gogh is unleashed! If you're interested in hosting a party we can come to your home, office or favourite restaurant.​ Click here to email us or call Amie @ 0402 552 822 amie@paintthetownaustralia.com.au

I went to a hens day...so much fun... i can't normally draw stick figures...i'm proud of my painting and it all went well. The laughter and fun we had was great!

Melanie Houlihan 


Paint + Wine = FUN!

We specialise in painting classes for birthdays, hens day, team building, holiday parties, FUNdraisers & more! 

Contact us today to create a memorable (and stress-free) experience for your guests. Events last approximately two hours, plus an hour set-up and 30 min clean up. At the end, you get to take home your new masterpiece. We use acrylic paint in primary colours and provide 40x50cm canvases, paint supplies, and aprons at all of our events. It's all simple and everyone gets a gold star! Absolutely no painting experience is needed. We take care of all supplies and book it at your favourite location too. Call us today! 0402 552 822


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